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Allegro School Founding

The Allegro School was founded in 1989 as a non-profit 501 (C)(3) corporation to provide quality education, keep autistic children with their families, and prepare them for community living. The school serves approximately 105 students ages 3-21 from 10 counties in Northern and Central New Jersey. Approximately 75 children and adults are served though our outreach, respite, and adult services departments.

The Mission of Allegro School & Programs is to provide quality services to educate and support persons who have Autism/PDD, as needed, throughout their lifespan ever mindful of quality of life, the intent to maximize each individuals potential through a highly specialized, intensive and individualized education from which one can transition to less restrictive and inclusive settings, when appropiate in order to enable our adults to function productively in the community.

The Allegro Approach

Behavioral , Interdisciplinary, and Eclectic

We emphasize on errorless teaching, natural environment training, and applied verbal behavior. Positive programming is our method of choice
Planning is always "person centered"


A Day School
Transitional Services
Vocational training
Job Placement
Adult Employment Center
Group Homes
Respite and Family Support
Outreach Consulting Services
Family and Professional Training

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