Allegro Adult Services

ETC Day Program

The Allegro Employment and Training Center (ETC) was developed to provide services to persons living in the Allegro Group Homes. It has a limited ability to expand its services for individuals living in their own homes. Current contract with the State of New Jersey is through the Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Northern Region.

Allegro ETC is a hub where participants can be trained for employment and then move, or it can be the site of the employment itself. Allegro ETC is geared to meet the individual needs of each program participant. ETC stresses community integrated employment and/or volunteer work for each individual, and has at its core, the development of varied kinds and levels of employment.

Since not all of our individuals are ready for this level of opportunity, ETC therefore offers a wide variety of options. Job sampling in volunteer activities located in the community allows the participants to explore a wide range of experiences, giving them the background needed to make career choices. These experiences can include working in nursing homes or hospitals giving the individual work experiences ranging from folding laundry to assisting with recreational activities. Volunteer experiences have also included delivering meals on wheels, and adopting a park in the Morris County Park System. Current contract work includes assembly of items for companies.

ETC also trains in work related areas of needs such as communication, appropriate dress and behavior, travel, etc. Employability is enhanced through knowledge of the community and its available resources. General awareness of community resources is fostered through direct community access rather than remaining only Center based.


- Develop employment and volunteer activities to meet the individual needs of our participants.

- Assess individuals strengths and weaknesses

- Procure Center-based contract work

- Develop individual job sites in the community such as hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants etc. (Ultimate goal here is supported employment)

- Develop job sites for work crews such as horticulture (weeding, leaf removal etc.), or office cleaning.

Community Integration

- Reduce behaviors that interfere with community opportunities.

- Utilize local resources such as trips to parks, libraries etc.

Develop client operated businesses

- Such as the operation of a flower shop/greenhouse, and preparing lunches and dinners for sale.

- Other activities being considered for the future are delivery services, a laundry service, and an office cleaning service.
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